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Ch.-Sired Icey has been spayed and is looking
for her forever home. She had her teeth cleaned
at the time she was spayed recently. Icey is a
very laid back dog. She is a couch potato to put
it mildly. She doesn't play with toys, but her
main interest is being in the room with you and
hanging out with you while you watch TV,
cook, or anything that allows her to be with
you. She is doggie door trained, but may need
additional training if you do not have a doggie
door. She is VERY sweet and loving! Icey is
overweight and really needs someone that can
help manage her weight by keeping her on a
strict weight management dog food. We find it
impossible due to the various ages and
nutritional needs of our dogs. She is on a
thyroid pill to help regulate her thyroid and
this helps with her weight too. The pills are
very cheap and cost about $8 a month.
Pierre is neutered and is looking for his forever
home. He is up to date on vaccinations, and
had his teeth cleaning recently. He is doggie
door trained and crate trained, but may need
additional training for your situation. He
deserves to retire to a home where he is the
shining star. He gets along well with other
dogs, but if challenged, he will stand his
ground. He is SUPER sweet, loving, and gives
tons of kisses. He always wants to be with you
or in your lap. He enjoys a variety of toys and
will need lots of toys to play with.