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Icey is Champion-sired and comes from a show breeder.  She is ready to go to her
forever home where she will be pampered and treated like the princess that she
is.  She has been spayed and she had her teeth cleaned last year at the same time.
She is doggie door trained and is a very good girl.  She does need to be kept on a
weight management food and she has a slight thyroid issue.  She takes meds for
her thyroid and they are very cheap at around $8 a month. Icey would do best in
a quiet home without children.  
Icey- Retired
Slight Special needs
Bella- Retired
Pending sale
Champion-sired Bella is a super sweet girl that we just recently retired from our
breeding program.  She has the sweetest expression and a super cute personality.
Bella has NOT been spayed, and will only be sold on a spay/neuter contract. I
think this girl would do best in a home with older people and no children. She
doesn't play with toys, but she likes to be with people and she loves her soft
doggie bed. She is doggie door trained. She would do great in a home with ICEY,
who happens to be her sister.
Rhapsody- Retired
Slight special needs
Champion-Sired Rhapsody retired from our breeding program recently and is
looking for her forever home. She has already been spayed and she had her teeth
cleaned last year. She is a very sweet girl and it is super funny to watch her antics.
I have listed her as a "slight" special needs dog because she tends to have a dry eye
that will need to be lubricated with artificial tears that you can buy at a drug
store. Also, she somehow hurt her neck last summer and had to see the vet to get
pain meds and muscle relaxers. Her xrays were fine and actually did not show any
injury to the neck or back, but since we are not sure what she did to hurt it, she
would just need to be watched so that she was not allowed to do things to cause
another injury.  She has not had any more episodes of pain or injury, but I feel
like it is important enough to mention. This girl is also doggie-door trained and
gets along well with other dogs.