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We are an in-home breeder of AKC Shih Tzu Puppies located within the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas. All of our moms and their puppies live inside of our home with the family. They are all given individual love, attention, and lots of play time on a daily basis. They live in a clean environment and are integrated with all of the normal sights and sounds of a busy household. We feel this is important to their socialization and well-being because the puppy will be able to quickly transition the new owner's household.

We only breed Shih Tzu and they are our passion. We strive for conformation to breed standards, including temperament, personality and small standard sizes. Our breedings are able to produce imperial Shih Tzu puppies sometimes, but we do not intentionally breed for tiny sizes. We breed for sought after Shih Tzu colors including: white, cream, black, gold, blue, chocolate, and red. And, we often have parti-colors like black and white, gold and white, red and white, and chocolate and white.

All puppies will receive de-worming and age appropriate vaccinations before leaving our home. Puppies are sold as pets and not for breeding purposes. All puppies will be sold with ltd. AKC registration and with a spay/neuter contract. Breeding rights may be sold to known and established breeders for a higher price at our discretion.

We are AKC inspected and approved in 2014.

AKC inspected
AKC inspected
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AKC Shih Tzu Puppies

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Shih Tzu for sale
Shih Tzu for sale in Texas
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imperial shih tzu puppies for sale
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small shih tzu puppies for sale
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